Brand new dragons!

Introducing my new Rent-A-Dragon series, and my first metal dragon, Steel! These are the dragons you read about in the end of the gemstone dragon series, the ones you’ve been asking for! Hope you enjoy!

A dragon as a handyman? Ridiculous.

At least Liam Steel thinks so. Sure, he and his crew of newly-awakened metal dragons are experts at building things, but after being sunk at the bottom of a frozen ocean, all they want is to find the mates they were sailing in search of in the first place, and Liam isn’t sure how that can happen while he’s playing in the dirt. Until he meets his first client, a sweet, curvy, no-nonsense business-woman busy taking care of everyone but herself. His heart screams ‘mate’, and he’s ready to get his hands on more than her yard.

Kate Hinton doesn’t know what to make of the beefcake Rent-A-Dragon sent over to help with her yard. Impossibly tall with soulful teal eyes, dark hair, and the features of a male model, she’s pretty sure he should be walking a runway rather than digging trenches in her yard. And the way he looks at her? Like nothing else matters in the world. But the more she gets to know her kind, friendly, amazingly efficient handyman, the more she is realizing he’s not from her world.

He lives in a remodeled castle. He doesn’t know certain modern words. And he definitely doesn’t understand the rules of modern courtship. But somehow, Kate is finding herself falling in love with this ‘dragon’ all the same, and finding out there is a whole other world outside her own. One full of secrets, and danger, and maybe even the love of a lifetime.

Steel is the first book in the Rent-A-Dragon series! It contains stubborn dragons, action-packed fights, and hot, steamy dragon romance. Enjoy!

Amethyst Dragon

My latest in my awakened Dragons book is out now! Single, powerful dragons like nothing I have written before. If you haven’t read the others, I have the links below the blurb!

The fifth dragon has awakened…

With his dark, ominous powers, Dominic, the Amethyst dragon, has learned to keep his world secret. Bad things happen when he tries to let people in. Now that he’s awakened, he’s going to help save the world and disappear once again. Until he rescues Lana, a feisty, curvy woman who draws Dom in and tempts him to risk getting close to someone for the first time in so long. Too bad she has a no-shifter rule.

Lana gets why other women go for shifters. They’re sex on wheels, and Dom, her bodyguard, is no different. A tortured bad boy with dark hair and incredible blue eyes, he’d be totally her type if only he wasn’t a dragon. But after being kidnapped and harassed by an evil alpha wolf, Lana is sure she wants nothing to do with shifters and their overbearing, possessive natures. So why can’t she stay away from Dom, with his sexy, unexpected kisses and haunted eyes?

And the heat rises between Dom and Lana, danger is closing in from all sides. In order for Dom to save both of them, Lana may have to accept not only a shifter, but one with secrets as dark as the night.

Warning: contains ferocious dragons, fearsome fights, fiery love scenes and three tiny white kittens that will steal your heart.